KOTA KINABALU: Sabah police are investigating claims that voters received money from certain quarters amid the Sandakan polls, says state police commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah.
He said they received reports of the alleged offence at 12.06am on Saturday (May 11).
"We have opened up investigations under Section 10B of the Election Offences Act," he said at a press conference in Sandakan on Saturday (May 11).
He said this was among the six investigation papers opened up from a total of 12 police reports received throughout the Sandakan by-election campaign period.
He said the police approved 362 permits to hold talks throughout the two-week campaign period.
"Over 1,000 policemen were deployed throughout this period to ensure a safe, smooth campaign period and so far it is safe to say that we have yet to get reports of any untoward incidents," he said.
He also said that security on both land and sea was under control.
Omar said that they have a total of 874 personnel deployed at all polling stations on voting day.
"For those who have yet to come out and vote, please do so early to avoid last minute congestion, so that we can have a smooth voting process," he said.
He urged the public to not worry and do their part in the by-election.
Omar also gave a stern warning to those who wish to cause unease or disrupt the voting process, saying that they should refrain from doing so or legal action could be taken against them.
"This includes spreading lies or unverified information," he added.