Best reply ever by Rashidah Abdul Rahman to Nicole Yin who created a petition to ban Korban in Singapore.

Dear Ms Nicole Yin,

We thank u very much for ur kind concern and compassion towards the animals.

Indeed, Islam do teach us to be kind to ALL creatures be it man or animal. We are all made by the same Creator. Even to kill an ant for no rhyme or reason is prohibited.

U are indeed very brave to question a practice, that has been deeply rooted in a religion that has 2 billion followers.

In that 2 billion mass, we hv doctors, lawyers, scientists, thinkers, communicators, writers. Many of the so called modern foundings in Science was already discovered by this representation of 2 billion in numbers.

We are not a barbaric crowd of human who are blood thirsty violent creatures definitely NOT what the media made us out to be.

The atrocities that u see happening around us... is not Islam.

Its driven by greed and power crazed individuals, using religion as a medium to oppose.

May Allah have mercy on them.

Back to the topic on the Qurban ritual done once a year to honor our Prophet Ibrahim.

May I know, if u hv the chance to PERSONALLY watched how the ritual is being done? Also what are the MANDATORY methods in which our animals are slaughtered daily?

There is a long list of criteria but this are some pertinent ones.

I hope u will find some time to do FULL RESEARCH before starting such a petition which can create an ugly uproar in a country which pride itself on racial acceptance and tolerance.

Most important rules during animal slaugtering in the Islamic rites are:

- Animal must be fit and not handicapped.

- Animal must NOT be pregnant.

- Animal must be properly fed and maintained with tenderness.

The slaughter can ONLY be performed by a SANE ADULT MUSLIM who is strong n fit. NOT anyone can come and Kill another being unless he is a serial killer!

The knife used for slaughtering... must be very clean and resharpened after each slaughtering.

The slaughter must on the point of pressure, reach the jugular and two major veins ensuring SWIFT and QUICK death of animal.

The head must NOT be separated fr the body and at no time, shld the strike reach the back bone or spine.

The animals will be comforted and given water before the process, the animals are separated fr each other out of respect that it also feels and understand the surrounding.

The invocation of Allah's name IS A MUST and an intention must be consciously made that the death of this animal is purely for consumption.

None of the body parts is to be wasted. All of it will be handed out to the poorest of the poor who is in some region starving and in hunger.

Meat is a luxury that they cannot afford.

The ritual that u are questioning, is as instructed in our Holy Quran in which very strict guidance are listed.

If we are not doing it right than it is not the religion that is questionable but the pple who is not doing in accordance to the teachings.

I wld like to reiterate, that u attend for urself and witness what goes on.

As a child i attended this event and was feeling scared in the beginning.

My father took his time to explain the whole process.

We were allowed to stroke and pat our animal before offering it as a gift to the poor.

We take honor to be present as if to tell the animal that we are there with them and that we will meet again in afterlife in the sirratul mustaqim.

This animal that was offered today will be raised to witness what we hv done for our fellow needy brothers n sisters in faith.

Nicole, this is a religion of Mercy and Compassion.

We don't need activists to question our rituals.

The very fact that we NOT condone the use of machinations to cull the animal already show the respect and honor we have for it.

We placed a very sincere INTENTION upon touching the animal to comfort it and take its life away with full respect.

Its madness otherwise to be handling struggling animals but we adhere becos this is the basic fundamentals of Islam when it comes to consumption of livestocks.

Pls do ur own research in the benefits of Islamic Slaughtering and compare it to the conventional method.

Compare also why Muslims abstain fr pork.

It has got to do with veins and neck.

Islam knows 1400 years ago what modern world is discovering only in the 21st centuries.

Perhaps it is the culling of pigs and its consumption u shld be petitioning for, since u hv that much time.

I am not opposed to ur voicing out ur concerns. U are a brave young girl and learned but I and the rest of my fellow muslim request that u do ADEQUATE research into all areas and reasoning as to why we do what we do.

Thank you.

Happy Eid Mubarak to my fellow Muslims around the globe... indeed this is our Jihad to explain to a non believer what they know not.

As the Prophet s.a.w. had mentioned, Holding on to Islam in the Final Days will be like holding on to burning coals.

We are heavily tested.

Allahu Akbar Wa lilah Ilham.

...and petition was closed.

This is what we Muslims shld do as Khalifa on this earth. Educate those non-Muslims wherever we can...Insyaa Allah.