I READ with dismay the recent announcement by Transport Minister Anthony Loke on the regulations to be imposed on e-hailing drivers that would be enforced from July 12.
The arbitrary requirements (licence registration, vehicle inspection and same operational requirements as taxi drivers) will not affect the e-hailing operators or companies at all but only the poor drivers.
If I may put it simply, the Transport Minister is essentially enriching the various government agencies and private companies involved at our expense, making 200,000 (one million affected; five people per household) of us poorer by RM800.
This might be the time for me to decide if it is worth my while to continue as an e-hailing driver. RM800 is a lot of money to someone whose means of subsistence is akin to kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang, which means living from hand to mouth.
I would need to work eight hours a day for at least two weeks (probably more) to clock 3,430 minutes/1,001km.
Many leaders including the prime minister-in-waiting have rightly pointed out that the cost of living (bread and butter issues) matters most to the common man in the street. Would the authorities care to consider the wellbeing of one million citizens by taking away this burden of regulation on e-hailing drivers?