.... "Bukan sahaja Tokong yang di sembahyangkan, dewa dewa pun lari habis" - Datuk Huan | AAKJ

Tempat yang disebutkan ini kalau di bina rumah ibadat , bukan sahaja Tokong yang di sembahyangkan , dewa dewa pun lari habis.

Persekitaran yang kotor dan bau busuk , tokong tokong atau dewa yang tinggal di sana mana bolih tahan.

Saya cadang Lim Guan Eng bina rumah dia sendiri duduk di sana. Saya bolih kasi sponsor sikit kepada dia juga. 

- Datuk Huan Penang

Yesterday, Lim Guan Eng announced that the Penang Govt wants to sell 20 acres of land to build churches, temples.

He said that if any groups were interested, they should contact him personally or Penang EXCO Lim Hock Seng.

I had questioned if Penang is running out of money and why not just donate the land like other places or allow them to rent it at low cost like other states.

Well, it looks like even if you give free, some groups also don't want it.

Several non-Muslim religious groups expressed their reservations over the state government’s offer of land to build churches and temples, saying the plots offered were next to a huge sewage plant.

They claimed the 32 plots were on swampy land behind three sewage ponds in the Mak Mandin sewage treatment plant.

Penang Hindu Association deputy president P. Murugiah said the ponds, measuring 12ha, were separated from the plots only by the embankments and metal sheet fencing.

“The stench alone will be enough to put off any meditation and prayer. Even if you give us the land for free, I don’t think we want our temples there,” he said.

It is also bad feng-shui!
(LGE should have consulted Master Teresa Kok before announcing the sale of this land)

Penang feng shui master Mak Foo Wengg was alarmed by the potential clash of elements.

“Temples and churches are principally of the fire element. The water element from the sewage ponds and Sungai Prai will clash explosively with them and this can create a disaster,” he added.

The weakest excuse comes from Penang EXCO Lim Hock Seng who said that there are lots of people living in the flats nearby without any problems.

One look at the photo will show that the flats were quite a distance from the sewage plants - not directly next to it like the plots designated for the temples and churches.

Lim Hock Seng talking rubbish.

It looks like DAP's usual and many condo-loving developer friends do not want this swampy smelly land so, DAP decide to sell to churches and temples instead.


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