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Why 2.6 billion was not investigated under s124c : Ambiga Sreenevasan

Dear Ambiga,

A person can be investigated under s124c for the offence of attempting to commit activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

This question is obviously being asked because of Maria Chin's arrest under the same section for receiving 'foreign funds' aka Soros but doesn't justify how stupid/cunning you are.

The 2.6 billion cannot be investigated under s124c because it is a "political donation" from the Arab royal family.

As a lawyer, you ought to know that there are no laws pertaining to political donations in our country. Even when PM proposed for such laws to be tabled, your good friends in the Opposition refused to agree to it.

Furthermore, the balance from the 2.6 billion was returned to the donor and this is a fact confirmed by your bible, The Wall Street Journal.

Did BERSIH return any sum back to Soros? No chance.

Above all, the donor of the 2.6 billion had met the Anti Corruption Agency officials and the Attorney General to explain the purpose of his donation.

Willl your darling, George Soros, do the same and co-operate with Malaysian law authorities?

I am sure the Malaysian officials would love to ask Soros the question why all the organizations he sponsors everywhere somehow creates ruckus and topples the Government? Arab Spring and Ukraine are proofs to this claim. You can refer to Wikileaks too.

Hope the former Malaysian Bar Council President understands law now.

Now, I realize what a great man my master, Sankara Nair was.

He was Anwar's personal lawyer for 20 odds years but never once did he behave like an Opposition's stooge.

You claim to be fighting for rights and crap but in truth, you are just another Anwar's pet.

Bertaubat lah, Ambiga. Tak baik hidup sial macam ini.

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